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The « Journées Nationales sur la Récupération et le Stockage d'Energie » (JNRSE – literally “National Days on Energy Harvesting and Storage”) aims at gathering the French and international community from the fields of energy conversion, harvesting and storage, especially at small scale, as well as the design of complete “self-powered” devices that are energetically autonomous.

The 7th JNRSE follows previous editions organized in ISIEE Paris (2010), TIMA laboratory in Grenoble (2012), LAAS laboratory in Toulouse (2013), SYMME laboratory in Annecy (2014), IEF institute in Paris (2015) and IMS institute in Bordeaux (2016). In 2017, the INSA laboratories LGEF, LaMCoS and Ampère will organize the seventh event of this exciting conference series on May, 9th and 10th in INSA Lyon on the “La Doua” campus. One of the primary objectives of these days is to give the opportunity to young French researchers (Ph.D. students and post-doc) to present their work through oral presentations or posters, while also including invited talks from renowned French and international researchers. For this last reason, the conference language is English.

The context, motivations and challenges behind this conference series lie in the increasing demands in terms of energetically autonomous devices, both at public and industrial scales, covering domains like domotics or widespread sensors and sensor networks for control and security. Scientific and industrial progresses in terms of autonomous, wireless devices begin however still limited by out-of-board energy demands which currently cannot be fully addressed by primary batteries, it becomes mandatory to find and use other energy sources. Hence, using the energy that is directly available from the surrounding environment of the device (in the form of heat, vibrations, electromagnetic wave and so on), leading to the concept of energy harvesting, is an attractive alternative. Nevertheless, capabilities in terms of energy conversion, extraction and storage must sustain the energy demand of the targeted system. Similarly, the optimal design of a complete self-powered device, ranging from the material to the electrical aspects, through the mechanical, thermal or radiofrequency domains, require considering the global energy transfer chain.

Hence, the aim of this conference is to gather the scientific and industrial community in order to share the latest advances in these different fields.


The topics addressed by the conference include, but are not limited to:

-        Materials and systems for electromechanical energy conversion

-        Materials and systems for electrothermal energy conversion

-        Materials and systems for radiofrequency and magnetoelectric energy conversion

-        Fabrication and integration

-        Innovative concepts for ambient energy conversion/harvesting

-        Electrical interfaces for energy extraction and management

-        Microgenerators and nanogenerators

-        Materials and devices for electrical energy storage

-        Microbatteries and supercapacitors

-        Energy transmission

-        Global self-powered wireless devices

-        Test and measurement techniques


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