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La conférence inclut 7 conférenciers internationaux invités :

- Eric Alleno, Institut de Chimie et de Matériaux Paris-Est : "Recent advances in the field of thermoelectric materials"

- Adrien Badel, SYMME, Université de Savoie-Mont-Blanc : "Toward wideband vibration energy harvesters"

- Danilo de Rossi, Faculty of Engineering University of Pisa : "Slowbots for autonomous navigation"

- Yoann Hébrard, SKF Aerospace : "The Internet of Things and the future of Condition Monitoring: enabling energy harvesting for intelligent bearing solutions"

- Ioannis Ieropoulos, University of the West of England Bristol : "Microbial Fuel Cells and their implementation in practical applications"

- Henry A. Sodano, University of Michigan : "Piezoelectric Nanowires: A Novel Technology for High Strength Composites, Sensors and Energy Systems"

- Jens Twiefel (Directeur de site du "Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems"), Leibniz Universität Hannover : "The Self-Resonating Dynamics of a Sliding Mass on a Harmonically Base Excited Beam and its Applicability on Vibration Energy Harvesting"

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